Perkins Engine Identification Guide

In many cases it is necessary to identify the Perkins® Engine Number in order to ascertain the correct engine kit for an application. All Perkins® Engines should contain one of the two following formats for engine numbering (dependent on the year of manufacture):

Pre 1978 Engine Numbers:

This system, which consists of a maximum of 13 digits, was used from 1966 to 1978. Another numbering method was used prior to 1966, which utilized a digit number with no reference to engine series.

Current (post 1978) Engine Numbers:

Where to find your Engine Number

Engine Family / Type Code

AA 1004.40 CN T3.152.4 HR 404C-22T PK 1106C-E66TA UF 804C-33T
AB 1004.40T DC 1103C-33 JD 4.203 RE 1104C-44 UK 804D-33
AC 1004.40T DD 1103C-33T JE D4.203 RF 1104C-E44 UL 804D-33T
AD 1004.40TW DE 1103C-33TA JF G4.203 RG 1104C-44T VK 1106C-E60TA
AE 1004.40 DF 1103B-33 JG 4.203.2 RH 1104C-E44T XK 1103D-33
AG 1004.40 DG 1103B-33T KR 104.22 RJ 1104C-44TA XL 1103D-33T
AH 1004.40T DJ 1103A-33 LA 4.212 RK 1104C-E44TA XM 1103D-33TA
AJ 1004.40 DK 1103A-33T LD 4.236 RR 1104A-44 YA 1006.60
AK 1004.40T ED 4.108 LE G4.236 RS 1104A-44T YB 1006.60T
AL 1004.40TA GK 403D-15 LF 4.248 RT 1104A-44TA YC 1006.60T
AM 1004.40T GL 403D-15T LG 4.248.2 TC 6.354 YD 1006E-60T
AP 1004.40 GN 404D-22 LH C4.236 TE T6.354 YE 1006.60
AQ 1004.40T GP 404D-22T LJ T4.236 TG 6.354.1 YG 1006.60
AR 1004.42 GR 404D-22TA NC 4.318 TH T6.354.1 YH 1006.60T
AS 1004.42 GS 403D-17 NH 1104D-E44T TJ 6.354.2 YJ 1006.60TA
AT 1004.40TA GU 403A-15 NJ 1104D-E44TA TK C6.354.2 YK 1006.60TW
CD 3.152 GV 404A-22 NK 1104D-44 TT TC6.354.1
CE D3.152 HL 403C-15 NL 1104D-44T TU T6.354.4
CF G3.152 HM 403C-17 NM 1104D-44TA TW 6.354.4
CM 3.152.4 HP 404C-22 PJ 1106D-E66TA UE 804C-33
A Air Cooled D Direct Injection G Gasoline W Water Cooled
C Compensated E Electric T Turbo

Year of Manufacture Code

A 1974 G 1980 N 1986 W 1992 D 1998 K 2003 T 2009
B 1975 H 1981 P 1987 X 1993 E 1/1/99-3/31/99 L 2004 U 2010
C 1976 J 1982 S 1988 Y 1994 F 4/1/99-12/31/99 M 2005 V 2011
D 1977 K 1983 T 1989 A 1995 G 2000 N 2006 W 2012
E 1978 L 1984 U 1990 B 1996 H 2001 P 2007 X 2013
F 1979 M 1985 V 1991 C 1997 J 2002 R/S 2008 Y 2014